Introducing a way for you to get tips related to your home from a contractor you trust.

The best part? Absolutely NO selling! 

Tamara Chase

Roofing Contractor & Construction Business Owner, Expert, Speaker & Consultant.

I remember getting my car fixed and knowing they could have told me anything, I reached out to someone I could trust to verify information and make a decision. 

Well, my Happy Home Tips is just that!

You will receive the knowledge I have learned over the last 18 years of being a contractor. 

I provide insight and answers to the questions I am asked most and also takes questions from others to answer. 

Signing up for the Happy Home Email Blog will give you answers to topics like this: 
-7 Tips on reducing your homeowner insurance (usually saving thousands a year)
-Gutter maintenance tips
-When is it time to replace your roof versus getting a repair?
-What should I look for when hiring a painter?
-Maintenance tips for your roof (it will double the life of your roof!)

What you walk away with

Valuable information from a contractor you trust.
Interviews with my preferred vendors to give you behind the scenes answers.
Tips and tricks for homeowners.
A place to submit questions you have for any contractor. 

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