Construction School For Women

Ladies, today I’m here not just as a contractor, but as a woman who’s thrived in the construction industry for 23 years. This has been an incredible journey for me filled with endless opportunities. 

Only 10% of the construction industry is women and yet most women don't even consider it as an option.

Well It’s time to change the game—construction isn’t just for men; it’s for anyone with the drive, skills, and creativity to make a difference.

I’m calling on all of you to consider the possibilities in construction. Whether you’re interested in learning about the career path options in the trades or wanting help on what is needed to get hired, this industry needs your unique talents and perspectives. Your fresh, problem-solving skills, and leadership WILL reshape our world.

I am in the process of forming a construction school for women,  if you are interested in staying in the loop, fill in the forms with your information. I am currently working with other trades outside of the roofing industry to get more specifics on what is required for the next steps of making this school a reality. If you are in the trades and are interested in joining this mission please fill out the "Interested in becoming a teacher or sponsor" form. I will reach out to you.

Join me, and let’s show everyone that women in the construction industry are a force to be reckoned with.


Tamara Chase, Florida Roofing Contractor 

Interested in learning more?

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Stay in touch with me! 

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