My First Ever Couples Retreat!

Construction couples retreat

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Hi, I'm Tamara Chase 

With 20+ years experience owning a construction business with my husband, I want to share my knowledge on how to have a successful business and a successful marriage. 

Construction companies already
have a lot on their plate:

And couples who own and manage construction companies together face an additional set of challenges.

On top of the usual questions, like:
How do we drive sales and build a following?
How do we manage employees?
How can we make a profit with all of the hard work we are putting into our business?
Will there be anything left for our retirement?

And sometimes... thoughts in our head can make us feel like:
How did I get into this? This isn't what I signed up for.
Does anyone see me? Does anyone hear what I am saying? Is what I am doing even matter?

Our calendar feels like it is all work and no play and we find it almost impossible to turn off work when we are at home. I sure hope we make it when all is said and done.

Well I want to tell you:

I understand. My husband and I have been there. And… I am here to let you know, it is possible to have a business with your partner that you enjoy. It is possible to have a balance with your business, your partner, and yourself.

I have developed a variety of solutions over the years, and have shared our experience in masterminds and training in order to support construction industry owners - especially couples and families.

I am a Roofing Contractor who has been in business with my husband for over twenty years. I bring depth and breadth of experience, tools, training and yes- KINDNESS to the mix.

The common denominator to all of the work I do is to help family-owned businesses GROW- without growing APART. After all, what good is a successful business if there is nothing left to your relationships.

The tools and techniques I use and teach restore resilience, fortifies relationships, sparks ingenuity, and allows businesses and families to flourish. Even when things get tough- which they often do, in our industry.

The business owners I work with end up hitting the ground running each morning instead of dreading the alarm clock. They feel more balanced, less stressed, and more able to take on the world- whatever it throws at you. And they can’t wait to go home to be with the love of their life.

What you will take away from this retreat:

Tools and Techniques 

You will walk away with tools for your business to help you become even more successful


You will both have connections with other couples in the industry that aren’t competitors. 


You will feel like you went on a mini vacation.

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