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Running a business with your partner can be an incredible journey, filled with shared goals and mutual support. It also has a unique list of challenges. My husband and I have been navigating these waters together at Chase Roofing, and I'll be honest, it's been a ride full of ups and downs. I can think of times where after a stressful day at work together, would lead to an even more stressful evening. This meant that balancing our professional roles with our personal relationships demanded more than just dedication; it required a deep understanding of each other and the flexibility to adapt to each other's strengths and weaknesses.

In the early days, we found ourselves overwhelmed, knowing what success looked like, but not sure how to get there, and really struggling to find a moment's peace. It reached a point where something had to give. That crucial moment of honesty between us led to a significant shift - reforming our roles. This shift was a game-changer 😉 we both ended up doing things we enjoyed.

Despite these adjustments, the journey of being CEO had me running in circles, feeling on the brink of losing it all. That's when I realized the importance of seeking external guidance. Turning to coaching was not just a lifeline but a transformative experience that reshaped my approach to work and life.

Finding that perfect balance, creating a schedule that allowed for both work rigor and personal relaxation (hello, "Sassy Thursdays"!), and learning to balance play into work were key steps for me. They freed me from the chains of constant work worries and opened up space for rejuvenation and joy.

Another critical realization was learning to embrace if I was qualified to be the CEO as a woman in the roofing industry. The fear of failure can be paralyzing, but understanding that mistakes are not the end, but rather stepping stones to growth and success, changed my perspective entirely. It was about stepping out of my comfort zone and seeing where the journey took me. I remember feeling unqualified to do the role for a long time and it wasn't until I had the mindset shift, that it wasn't that I wasn't qualified but rather I was simply doing something new. It took many years of leading our team through many situations to realize I had all of the resources I needed to successfully lead us through the next challenge. I am qualified!

I'm curious, have you ever felt like you weren't qualified to do something big? Were you able to lean into the fear and do it anyway? Or is this email a sweet reminder to dust off that dream and try again?

For those interested in diving deeper into these topics, I recently had an enlightening conversation with my business coach and friend, Kathryn Freeman, on The Pink Hard Hat Podcast. Kathryn's insights into navigating business challenges, especially when working with your partner, are invaluable. We touched on everything from the importance of role clarity to the transformative power of a well-structured schedule and the freedom that comes with embracing imperfection.

If you're looking for a blend of inspiration and practical advice to help you and your partner thrive in business together, I highly recommend checking out this episode. And don't forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel to catch all the latest episodes and join our growing community of entrepreneurs and dreamers.

Make today amazing!

~XOXO Tamara Chase

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