Hello to the souls that sparkle! 

Eeeeps! So happy to send you a note!!

If you've been following me along on my socials, you'll know that I recently put out Episode 2 of The Pink Hard Hat Podcast 🥳💖!!

On this latest episode, I was able to bring on a special guest... my friend, Sheri Fitts! I love how our recording turned out and I am so thrilled to share a little insight into this episode with you all.

So... let's get into it!!!

I have known Sheri for a few years and we have been kindred spirits ever since 👩🏼‍🤝‍👩🏽 🥰! We met back in 2021 because we share the same entrepreneurial and personal fulfillment Coach, Michelle Villalobos!! Sheri is not only a friend, but an inspiration to me. After we met, we started following each others careers; mine in the construction world and hers in the marketing and presenting world. I even attended one of her marketing workshops last year!!

As soon as I started this podcast I knew that I wanted to have Sheri as a guest; especially since this podcast is about female leadership and growing your businesses. Sheri is a business woman who uses the digital landscape of today to grow her own personal branding and teaches others to do the same. I knew she'd be the perfect person to teach my listeners how to be the queen or king of their niche.

How does she do it??? Ai of course!

In this episode, Sheri delves into her ideas about Ai and how anyone can use it to their advantage without sacrificing their integrity and creative spirit! She uses Ai as a tool to further her own ideas, not letting it control the vision, but extending her ideas to somewhere she never though they could go!!

If you want to hear more about her insight into Ai and how it can help you, listen to the full episode 🔗 link at the bottom of this email!

Do you use Ai? How has it helped your business?

Sheri also talked about the "intersection between digital influence and emotional intelligence", meaning creating a social digital marketing brand for yourself or business while also keeping in mind the humanity of everything you do. Emotions, being the thing that we all share and letting that guide you to whatever premise you are trying to achieve in your branding. She calls this combination, Digital EQ.

What parts of your business are related to the human experience? Do you use that in your branding? Should you?

One of my favorite parts of this episode is when we talked about Sheri's "I love you too" social media campaign. Since following her socials back in 2021, I noticed that she often posts a picture of something shaped like a heart with the caption: "I love you too". Sheri explained that this campaign is about how these hearts "find her" and she likes to think of it as the universe saying "I love you" to which she responds "I love you too"! What a beautiful way to spread love to everyone! Take notes people! The universe loves you, just look around!!

Thank you Sheri for joining me! This whole episode was such a pleasure, so inspirational and informative! If you haven't watched or listened to it yet check it out!! You can find Sheri on instagram, facebook and LinkedIn at @sherifitts 💖!

~XOXO Tamara Chase

P.S. I still love saying that I have a podcast, I almost can't believe it... I HAVE A PODCAST!!!

What is something that you never thought you could achieve and then did?! Let me know by replying to this email 🤗💕!

Check out the new episode below, and earn more about how you can use Ai and Sheri's Digital EQ program to take your marketing and personal branding to the next level. And don't forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel be be the first to know when the next episode comes out!

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