Hello to the souls that sparkle! 

Hello to the Souls that Sparkle!

As long as I can remember I have been driven. In school I didn't feel engaged and I convinced myself that I was stupid because I processed differently than others... I believed that story of being stupid for a long time. I poured myself into activities my parents exposed me to... A lot of church which thankfully included music 🎶. I have been involved with music for as long as I remember, playing in the orchestra at church and school, years and years of piano lessons, starting violin in the 6th grade and eventually xylophone in high school (you can't march in the marching band with a piano). Part of the excitement of me learning bass guitar this year has spawned from my pure love of music and I enjoy being involved with it again so much.

I was also immersed at age 11 into Civil Air Patrol (auxiliary of the Air Force) which is where my leadership skills as an adult were formed. Ask my husband sometime how he met me... it includes visiting North Perry Airport at one of our weekly meetings and he saw me marching a squadron of cadets as their drill instructor 🪖😂. I was a late bloomer so hadn't grown yet. I was 14 and wasn't even 5 ft tall yet ... and wore these humongous glasses like Sally Jessie Rafael. Let's just say I relate with Taylor Swift with not being the high school cheerleader. The friends I made in these groups became lifelong friends and although we don't always talk, every time we do it is like we never skipped a beat. I am grateful for the experiences we had!

These activities sparked in me being a leader... and refining myself as the best version of myself. I had no problem following but if no one was leading (or they were moving too slow or were unorganized haha) I would take over. I was starting to be trained and disciplined to desire the quality of all the pieces that make a whole, to keep showing up... and the importance of the dedication to others in a group... I even passed out once during band camp one summer. We would go onto win... and lose competitions, we attended week long trainings at naval bases and always learned together as a team. We learned what it was like to do something great together. We did amazing things together!

As John and I built our business, stepping up as a leader was a natural area of my life to dive into. I really enjoy learning and finding ways to get something accomplished more effectively and efficiently. When I took the Predictive Index assessment, the coach told me I was going to accomplish anything I desired and I would bring a "happy team along with me" 💗. When I took the DISC assessment, they said my "Dominant" levels were as high as he had ever seen, my "Influence" were even higher, my "Steadiness" and "Compliance" were so low he described me as "extremely" goal oriented, achieving all goals I put my mind to, and a big appreciator of a strong team so much and committed to their happiness... And oh if there is a stop sign on the way, I think of it as a suggestion😂. I sorta find that funny because my husband says I am a rule follower and I think my attention to details can be relied upon when under pressure... Other than that the details are not something I prefer to stay in longer than need be. As soon as I make something more streamlined I hand it off and am off to something else.

I realized that in order to lead my team, I needed to be my best self and realized the importance of taking care of my mind... and body. I would read, take classes, ask questions, listen to advice and was so curious on how to be better. I craved being available to my team for personal growth and I really enjoyed seeing them flourish. I wanted to be involved with team development in our company. Culture has always been important to me. Long before words such as "feminine leadership" were being said, I lead our team with the foundation of character and culture 🙋🏼‍♀️. I took great pride that we were a part of our team's growth as individuals... And took great pride (still do) in supporting our employees and looking at life through their eyes. We just tried to do what was right, even if it conflicted with "industry standard". This lesson is a personal lesson of mine and I have had many times where I am reminded I have fallen off the horse and it is time to get back on... Focusing on filling my cup first and then being in a better position to support those around me.

I didn't realize at first that I was naturally good at seeing strength in others, that I often could see their potential before they saw it. This ability has allowed so many to be plugged in our team like an important puzzle piece, for the time they were a part of our journey. The ability to see a bigger picture and describe the vision of how they could grow into their unique part has been a pure joy of mine😍.

I have really enjoyed learning from coaches and other experts willing to share their knowledge. This curiosity and willingness to be exposed authentically in an effort to learn more and be better has been a large part of my journey. I am very grateful for the mentors that have taken me under their wing on my journey. It is a large reason I give back so much... Because I know how good it feels to be on the receiving end of that gift. "The rising tide lifts all ships" has been a core belief of mine... it is so true!! Thank you for being a part of my journey. The feeling I have when I see your name is nothing less than pure gratitude... The opportunity to be on your journey with you is a blessing❣️!

Until next time my friends!

~XOXO Tamara Chase

Here I am playing the Xylophone in High School Band!!!

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