Welcome to the souls that sparkle! 


I am beyond excited to share my new blog with you! I have had the desire to connect with you this way for a while and my special project it is finally here! This is my initiation email to YOU. This marks the beginning of our journey together. I hope you can hear my heart singing.

I have been yearning for some time, to find a better way to connect with you, to give us the same feeling we have after a nice conversation away from the business, talking about life, and love and what it means to BE in our journey. I have been craving for a way to create an experience with you that I can share my soul’s whisper into reality… to cut through the noise and experience a deeper conversation that isn’t about the weather or sports… to bring to life our thoughts and desires and curiosities.

I am not sure about you but I have often had ideas and experiences I would like to do… or share... and then, in the past what I have done is convinced myself they aren’t worth saying… or the idea isn’t important enough… or doesn’t have the proper structure for something more than simply expressing what I want, for the experience of it. These thoughts and ideas stopped right there and the business of life took over… and great ideas were never shared. My promise to myself is that I will no longer believe the lie that they aren’t big enough to share. My promise is to dive deeper into what my heart is wanting to say, and to be willing to go on this journey with you, learning as we go.

This isn’t going to be a perfect project. This is going to be a combination of stories I want to share. A collection of experiences in my life or things I am learning as we speak. I will share what I learned from these experiences with the hope that my life's journey can be used as fertilizer and so that you realize that you aren’t alone. We are going to do this journey together.
You and me!

When I am around heart centered people… something inside of me stirs as a result. I am often activated to do something I wanted to do but hadn't taken action yet. My heart sometimes swells and the ripple of that interaction is apparent all day with everyone I meet. And sometimes… I am reminded to be still and am encouraged to take a breath… give myself some grace and listen to what my soul is saying.

My intention for these emails is to have a soul to soul connection. A back and forth flow of giving and receiving the gifts.

Our lives are so dynamic that they can't fit into a box wrapped with a tiny bow. Our lives are more unique and special than that. We are more than hard workers trying to do the best we can. We are more than someone spinning our wheels with a busy calendar. There is more.

We yearn for happiness…

We crave love…

We long to be seen…

We want to feel beautiful and fulfilled…

We are lovers…

Some of us are parents…

We are sons and daughters…

We are friends, and some of us have yet to meet…

We've had challenging experiences…some so painful they've forever altered our hearts.

We've experienced moments of sheer joy… indescribable in words, like a shiny disco ball casting its brilliance upon everyone it touches!!

We have had difficult experiences… Some are so painful that our hearts will never be the same.

We have had beautiful experiences. Experiences that are so joyous it is hard to put the feeling into words…. Like a disco ball shining all of its glory on everyone it sees!

We have desires and our souls have a message for us… and when we are quiet, we can hear what it whispers.

Our journey is full of potent experiences.

We are all of it.

The whole bandwidth of life.

Maybe my blogs will encourage you to give your spouse and children a little longer hug today when you meet and really SEE them, really experience the beauty of your loved one embraced in your hug… and then you feel how that simple gesture makes the entire evening a little more special.

Maybe you realize for a moment that life can be simple… and beautiful… and full of tiny moments that are so, so special.

Maybe you will be a little more kind to yourself.

I desire for you to remember what YOU are inspired to do… and BE.

I desire for you to break through the noise and to connect with you, and then you connect with yourself… maybe to a part that has been forgotten.

My desire is that you take action on something YOU want to do. Or maybe simply to take a moment for yourself… like how a breath of fresh air feels as it enters your body.

Thank you for joining me on this journey.

Thank you for the curiosity to see what this is all about and the tenderness with yourself to take the next step of your desires.

I am looking to connect with my tribe… and happy you are a part of it. Please think about whom else you think would benefit from this connection and consider sharing this blog with them so they can join us.

Welcome to our party my friend!

Stay kind to yourself.

~XOXO Tamara Chase

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